Center Me is Out!!!! 

Hey guys!   Our latest single "Center Me" is out!   We're super excited about it!  If you haven't checked it out, stream it on Spotify or check it out on Apple Music.  You can also purchase it here on our website!   We love the sound of this song and it's message😀 We hope you do too!  

We'd love to hear what you think about our song -- we love your feedback😀

The photoshoot for our single cover was lots of fun!  We had so many photos to choose from that it took us awhile to pick the perfect pic for the single cover.  We think we got it right?  What do you think?  Can you believe Martina's hair?  

Have you listened to our lyric video for "Center Me"?  We thought it would be fun to post a lyric video for "Center Me" and we love the black and white format.  We think it makes viewers really focus on the lyrics of the song.  What do you think?  Click here to check it out!

We'd love for you to stream "Center Me" on Spotify and Apple Music.  We want to increase our streams.  So your support matters!!!  



C & M :)



We're vlogers now?!?!?!😱😱😱 

Ok guys it's official!!! We're vloggers now!!!! 


We've been uploading vlogs every Monday for 3 weeks now and we're probably gonna do like 20 million more!!! We love showing you guys what doesn't always get posted on social media. It's a lot of funny stuff, but it's also like our no-makeup, tired, totally unedited selves which is really cool to share with you.

You guys get to see our process in creating music, videos, photoshoots and more!!! This past week, we had a freezing cold photoshoot, a failed halloween costume and our best friend doing some cool impressions. Not to mention our grandma's bday party!!! 


This coming week, there's probs gonna be some getting ready for Nashville as well as our new holiday packaging for our merch... but we won't know till Sunday lol 😂

Anyways, we just posted VLOG #3 on youtube yesterday so please check them all out and tell us what you think!!!



C + M

Seventh Grade 

OK so we literally made some one of our childhood dreams come true just recently. You know the move "Clueless"? We'll we've watched that movie maybe 20 times, and there is this one super iconic scene where this super iconic song is playing. We used to have SO MANY dance parties to that song. An amazing amazing woman, Jill Sobule, wrote that song.

Anyways, flash forward a lot of years and we're in Colorado. Basically, we were performing and Jill Sobule was there performing, too. We literally freaked out!! We hear each other perform and wanted to write with each other. The next day, we met up but realized we didn't have a piano or guitar so Martina literally just grabbed an iPad and downloaded garage band for a tiny little 2-octave keyboard. We got to talking, and we were kinda talking about our lives and different things we've gone through, and we settled on the title "Seventh Grade".  This song, "Seventh Grade", is all about how seventh grade was the worst school year for so many people. We went through our awkward stages in seventh grade, and so did a lot of other people. So many like us have insecurities that we don't talk about. Even though the way you feel in seventh grade doesn't change, you learn how to deal with it differently. You also learn to accept yourself for who you are and who you aren't. That way, the same hardships that would've been devastating to us then are a lot easier to get through.

We were so appreciative of Jill bringing us up on stage with some of the world's best songwriters to sing this song with her, and we hope you love it as much as we do!! Check it out and please let us know what you think!!! Also, we'd love to hear what's new with you!!! Please comment about what you guys have all been up to, as well as what you think of the song!!  



C + M

THE BIG E!!!!!! 

Ok so in case you didn't already know...




Where: The court of honor stage a The Big E Fair

When: Saturday, Sept. 30 at 8pm 

On a rating fro 1 to best experience of our entire life, it was the best experience of our entire life so far. 

Literally, we get there and they have our van drive THROUGH THE FAIR and everyone was crowding around the car and cheering and was like "who are they" and we were high-key freaking out. Then, they lead us to our own dressing room, and they had trays of cookies, a deli tray and like all different kinds of drinks for us which was literally the coolest thing ever. The food was one of the best parts of this lol.

So we also had 3 bodyguards/ people to help us load our equipment everywhere. We literally weren't allowed to move our own equipment which was weird but awesome since we always carry everything. We just got to tell everyone where to put it! We also had a few sound guys to help us sound awesome, which was amazing because normally we only have one, or we don't have a sound guy at all. Quick PSA to all the sound guys of the world: WE LOVE YOU THANK YOU FOR MAKING US SOUND AWESOME!!!!

This was literally the people there during SOUNDCHECK- and hour before the performance!!!!! It was crazy, guys.

Ok so... we were SO NERVOUS because we were doing a lot of songs for the first time. We were also going to try to sing to a track, which we've never done before because we aren't really dancers, we're musicians. Butttt, as soon the song came one, we did our own lil impression of Beyoncé and everything worked out perfectly!!! 

So we performed in front of like 3,000 people, and we realized that we always wanna perform in front of 3,000 people forever and ever because the audience was SO KIND, SO AWESOME and SO FUN!!!! We ended doing a spontaneous meet and greet and met some of them. Everyone was so unbelievably nice and we had so much fun meeting everyone!


Here are a couple pics, there were like a hundred. 

Anyways, if you guys wanna see more and see us perform at the Big E, here's the link to the Youtube video we made about it! We have almost every photo we took with fans it it, so if you're from The Big E and you wanna see yourself on our youtube, check it out!!! http://bit.ly/CMTheBIGE

See you guys soon!!!! 





Sweet Sixteen!!!😊🎊🎈🎉 



Basically it was the best birthday ever. We just got back from performing with American Idol winner Nick Fradiani and we were feeling super great. When we woke up, we did a ton of homework which was not great, but then our mom took us to lunch which was awesome!! 

We got to meet up with our best friend Chloe,


And ended up going to dinner!!!

Basically, it was all smiles for 16 :) :) 

Can't wait to tell you all about our performance at The Big E Fair!!!




On the road again.... 😊 

Hey guys!! 


So while we write this we are literally in a car driving to Massachusetts to perform at the Big E State Fair with American Idol winner Nick Fradiani! We just got a new car- the Chrysler Pacifica. It's literally SO high tech and it holds all of our equipment which is a big plus!!! 


We're so insanely excited but also really nervous. We'll be updating you guys the whole way through. If you're following us @carlyandmartina on everything, you already know this 😉

Basically, we're driving today and a little tomorrow, then we play Saturday, then drive Sunday and Monday. Monday's our bday and we're soooo excited!!! Then we pack Tuesday because we fly out to Colorado Wednesday!!!! Then we come back for a bit and then we're gone. Got all that? lol it's super confusing 😂😂😂 


Anyways, see you soon!







Ok guys. On September 30th, we will be playing at The Big E!!!!!! We will be playing with Nick Fradiani, who one the last season of American Idol. 

We are BEYOND excited!!!!! We're gonna be heading up to Massachusetts to play and literally this is the biggest crowd we've ever played in front of. It seats about 2500 people!!!! Make sure to check out Facebook, twitter, Insta, youtube and more to see us prep for this gig and to join us when we perform at 8pm!!! 






It's been QUITE a week.


So this Monday we went back to school- online school, that is. It was kind of a bummer because we hate tests but it's a necessary evil and we're happy to get it over with. The good thing is that we really like our online school and teachers so it's not gonna be too bad. We've been doing 5 hours of school a day, so that's been our main focus.  


Oh also it was National Online Learning day like yesterday which was pretty cool....

We also went to Orphans of the Storm to look at lil dogs cuz we reeeaaallllyyy want one. Idk if we're allowed to have one but that's not stopping us!!! Hopefully we'll have a new addition to the fam soon :) 

Look at them!!! 

In addition to all of that, we uploaded a new Youtube video of "How Far I'll Go" from Moana, which is like one of our most favorite movies of all time so we had to do it. We also posted some Instagram covers and recorded some new songs!!!

Can't wait to show you guys new music and all the cool new things coming up!!








We can finally check this off of our bucket list!!! 


We have a feature in Sheridan Road Magazine and we are HERE FOR IT. Big thanks to everyone who made this happen!!!


See this? 


That's us. Inside of that fancy looking magazine!!!


Like the outfits??

So yeah... we're pretty excited!!!

What are some of your fave magazines???

See you guys soon!


Carly and Martina :) 

Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims... 

Hey guys!!!


We really wanna THANK YOU for helping us raise money for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

This past week, and this coming week, all of the tips we make on Krue TV are being donated to the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, a very reputable charity giving 100% of the financial aid donated to these victims straight to the victims.

Last week we wrote a song with you guys on Krue and raised over $1200 dollars!!!! The song is called "Bright" and we love it so much!!!!


This week, we'll probably be doing some themed nights and maybe even writing another song. We hope you guys can come on to help us continue to raise money and make a difference!!!




Carly and Martina :) 



Join the Krue!!!! 

ok guys... BIG NEWS!!!

We are going to be live broadcasting off of the app Krue twice a week, Monday and Wednesday at 9pm CST!! We will be playing a bunch of covers, premiering originals and EVEN WRITING SONGS LIVE IN FRONT OF AND WITH YOU GUYS!!!!


We hope too see all of you guys there. The app is free!!! 


If you have an iPhone, here's the link to download: http://bit.ly/kruetvitunes

If you have an Android, here's the link to download: http://bit.ly/KrueTVandroid


Join the Krue!!!



C + M

Hurricane Harvey 🌬🌊 

When we heard about Hurricane Harvey, we were devastated for all the victims. We wanted to find a way to help, and we think we might've found a way that involves you guys too.


Because we will be going live on Krue every Monday and Wednesday at 8pm CST, we have decided that 100% of the tips we make in the next two weeks would go straight to Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, a charity that is very reputable and has set up a fund to give 100% of what they collect in direct financial aid to Hurricane victims. 


Our first broadcast that benefits Hurricane Harvey victims will be Sept. 4. We hope to see you there!!!!





ok so we went to LA and it was THE BEST!!!! We had some meetings, produced a new song and had a ton of cowriters so now we have so many songs that we're super proud of and can't wait to share with all of you!!


There were some cool meetings: 


We stopped by the Krue House to say hi!


We produced another song:

We got to write with some amazing people (Nitanee had a pool so after we hung out we wrote an AWESOME song)

Wrote with Kendall Schmidt from Big Time Rush!!!

Took a couple of cool pics for Instagram! 

Met up with new friends:


Met up at the Sweety High Headquarters:

And had fun 😊

Get ready for more cool stuff!!!




C + M

All About our Nashville Trip! 

Hey guys!

It's been a bit since we were on here, but we wanted to tell you all about our trip to Nashville!! We had so much fun and met so many people, not to mention the fact that we took some pretty epic pics :)


On Monday, we met with some awesome publishers and it was so cool!! Then, for dinner, we ate at his really good Mexican place where we found a really pretty wall, so naturally we had to take a few pics: 


On Tuesday and Wednesday, we got to cowrite with some of our fave writers like Marty Dodson, along with meeting some new writers!! We love writing in Nashville because there are so many talented people, and we get to collaborate! We also found Thai Tea, which is absolutely amazing!!


Something else that was really cool (besides the food😂) was that we shot some videos for our new song "Think What I Want" that'll be coming out soon!! We had some pretty fun outfits and we LOVED being so creative with our videographer Everett.  We danced in fountains, walked on a bridge and even jumped in a pool!!! It was such an amazing experience and the footage will be out soon😉 

Here's a shot from our Instagram story while we were shooting with Everett:



After that epic video shoot, we had more meetings in some snazzy outfits:


Annnnnddddd (drumroll please).... IT WAS OUR MOM'S BIRTHDAY!!!!  We can't thank her enough for what she's done and how she helps us and supports us during this crazy journey, so we went to a really cool brunch place (here's a shot from our Insta story) and we took a selfie!!



To top off the whole trip, we were actually invited to a SUPER cool VIP event called #PopGoesNashville where we net some amazing people and got to see some super talented writers and producers!!! 



Overall, it was a super successful and busy trip and we can't wait to come back!! We seriously love Nashville and we love the people that we've met there.  Now that we're back, we've actually been preparing for our upcoming show in Chicago where we're gonna be trying out some super cool stuff live:


And then we're off to LA!! We'll probably post about our upcoming show and our LA trip, so stay tuned everyone!


Much love,


Goodbye Utah, Hello Nashville! 


What's up everyone?!?!?! 

It's been a little bit since we were on here and that's because we were in Moab Utah!!! Unfortunately, there wasn't any internet connection in Utah so we couldn't write this post until we left, but we had so much fun!!! We tried so many new things and it was an awesome way to do something new before going to Nashville, LA, New York and a billion other places😂 

One of the coolest things we did while we were in Utah was we went ATV riding!! We'd never done this before and it was SO MUCH FUN! Here's a couple pics of us on the ATV's which were massive:  


Ahhhhh it was so much fun!  

We stayed in a really cool part of Moab, and the view was 😍 Check it out!! 

Not only did we get to ride on ATV's but we also got to go to a really awesome place called Ken's Lake.  We got to swim and tan and Martina took some really artsy photos:  

It was so cool to see a different part of the country!  We'd never driven out west before, and we thought it was so cool!  We also brought our instruments to Utah and wrote some really awesome songs too😉   

We were sad to leave, but we got to drive through the GORGEOUS Rocky Mountains! We accidentally took the wrong road and we lowkey drove through the middle of nowhere where we were the only ones on the road for miles for like 6 hours, but Martina got some QUALITY pics from that journey so it's no biggie😂 

Then we arrived home!! We only stayed in Chi-town for a little bit though, because now we're on the road again!!! This was actually written from the car on our way to Nashville, so get ready for more pics, vids and more blog posts about our travels! 

See you guys soon,  



Hey guys!!!

We're super excited because we just went to a really cool songwriting contest at The Acorn Theater in Three Oaks, Michigan and it was SO MUCH FUN. First of all, Michigan is like the prettiest place ever and the whole town of Three Oaks, near New Buffalo, is super cute.

We performed at this venue only once before and the executive director asked us to participate in the singer-songwriter competition.  It sounded like a great opportunity so we did. We didn't know any of the other people in the competition.  There were over 100 entries in the competition, and the finals for this contest was for the top 10 singer-songwriter competitors.

We got in for sound check a couple of hours before the evening began and we met all these really cool, amazing singer-songwriters who were also competing in the singer-songwriter contest. Everyone sounded awesome. 

Basically, the stage is really cool and there's a ton of room to set up, so we had a full set-up going on. We had a piano, guitar and Ableton push, and we were ready to go!!! It was really nerve racking not knowing anyone there, so we were really relieved that people liked us and our music. It was also nice playing in front of an audience that was really rooting for us to do well! 

The first round was when we got up and performed in front of a sold-out room. We performed "Center Me."  The judges gave comments and decided who the top three finalists were. When we were chosen, we literally couldn't believe it! The next round, we played "Breathe Easy" and the audience voted on their favorite. They picked us!!! They announced the winner by calling us up on stage in front of everyone. It was crazy to hear our name because we didn't know anyone. The other artists had fans and family, so we were sure we wouldn't win, but we did!!!

Most of these amazing photos were taken by Phil Eichas.   Thanks Phil!


Also, we're going to Utah Tuesday so get ready for some super cool pics!!! Oh, and get ready for more covers and new music :) :) :) 


Plus, keep your eye open for a post about us going on Facebook Live!!!


What have you guys been up to?  We'd love to hear about it.  



Carly and Martina :) 



You guys, Nashville is the coolest place and it's so much fun!!! Everyone needs to go there asap. We had so much fun in Nashville this past week! We got to cowrite with people, try cool food and even had a gig!


Our gig was at the Blue Moon Waterfront Grille and it was a lot of fun! We even had some fans come say hi!!!

It had crazy good sunset lighting so we had to take advantage lol 

We had a ton of cowrites in a ton of cool studios!!!


We even got to celebrate the Fourth of July in Nashville which was so much fun!!! We saw Chris Young live in concert and checked out the fireworks- Nashville does 4th of July the best!!! P.S. they have really expensive cowboy hats in case you wanted some...


What did you guys do for the 4th? Did you check out the fireworks??

Stay tuned because we have a ton of cool new stuff coming soon!!!


Carly and Martina :) 

Our concert Saturday!!! 

hey guys!! It's been a while because we've been so busy making music and getting ready for Nashville!!! Last Saturday, we had the COOLEST gig... It was at Cellar Gate in Highwood and they have really good food.

We used to play there for open mics last year, but this year they asked to book us for a full 2 hour show and we were really excited!!! A couple of our friends even came to see us perform :) 

We didn't really get to eat because we were working, but basically everyone ate, watched, participated and had a ton of fun. We took some audience requests. There was a couple who found us online and it was their 29th anniversary... THEY DECIDED TO SPEND IT AT OUR SHOW!!!!

We sang originals, covers and even tried some new covers out with the Ableton Push that we're adding onto our set!! It was such a fun night.

This Thursday we're going to be traveling to Nashville... so get ready!!!

Preparing for our Concert Tomorrow!!! 

Hey guys!!! What's up?? We've been soooo busy and we have so much to tell you!

So, we're about to be traveling to Nashville and New York (blogs coming soon about those trips☺️) but before we start our crazy traveling schedule, we've been preparing for our concert tomorrow at Cellar Gate in Highwood!!

Now, you may be thinking, "Um guys what's so different about this show? You guys do this all the time."  Well, for this show, not only are we going to be trying out some new  songs, but we're also adding a WHOLE NEW REALLY COOL INSTRUMENT TO OUR SET!!!!!!!  No, not guitars.  That's already incorporated in our set.  We're talking about an (drumroll please......) Ableton Push!

Now, what the heck is an Ableton Push?!?! No, it's not some avant-guard bass brand.  And no, it's not a rare instrument you can only find in the heart of Scotland 😂

The Ableton Push is kind of a launchpad that enables us to create a fuller live sound. Carly can pre-record different tracks or create them on the spot and launch them live while I'm playing either the piano or guitar and she's playing the piano. Lol it's like she's a music wizard!!!! She may not be able to cook, but she sure can launch tracks live while playing the piano, which is really hard to do!  We can do drums, bass, guitars, backup vocals, synths, anything is possible.  We're basically able to create a full-band sound, even though there are only 2 of us.  How cool is that?!?!  


Here's what it looks like:  


We're so excited to try it out and some videos of it in action will be coming soon on all of our other social media, so make sure to turn on post notifications for our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube so you can check it out!! Username for everything: carlyandmartina


Pictures and videos from our show tomorrow will be coming out soon, along with blog posts about our travels and us being on the road!


Until next time,

C + M

New Studio.... who dis?? 

Ok guys we did it.... we officially made our studio the coolest place on Planet Earth. 

Look at it. It was so hard but it's so worth it. Legit, we had to nail stuff into the wall then put the lights on but we almost got burnt but it's col cuz it's really pretty the we added those cool designs on top and it's soooo cool.

We literally have to be in this room for like a while because of all the new stuff we're working on, so it's really nice to have this looking all pretty and stuff :) 

If you wanna see all the behind-the-scenes of everything we do, make sure to add us on snapchat and follow on Instagram! Username = carlyandmartina

Currently, we're debating on whether we should add a string of lightbulbs on top or if we should add pillows, so comment below and tell us what you think!!