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  1. All That I Am

From the album Carly and Martina

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All That I Am
Music and lyrics by: Carly and Martina carlyandmartina.com carlyandmartina@gmail.com

V­erse 1

How sleepless my nights were
When my days revolved around you
Saying things in my head
Like I had the courage to speak the truth
Trying to see though the fog in my mind
Clearing a path I was yet to find


Wondering one day if I would know why


Why can’t you see, what you mean to me?
It’s like I’m screaming but you don’t hear a thing
Won’t you listen to the words I’ve not said
Read between the lines I’ve not written yet
Won’t you see me for all that I am? x2

Verse ­2

Forgive me for wanting to protect my heart
I try to reveal how I feel
But sometimes I’m too scared to start
I fill my head with rejections,
I’m sure you plan to say
I broke my heart open
And can’t put the pieces back into place



I build you up in my imagination,
Letting my heart ache in roots of expectation
You were my hero,
My shining silver knight
But you’ll never know what I don’t bring to light