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  1. King of Hearts

From the album Carly and Martina

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King of Hearts
Music and lyrics by: Carly and Martina/ K808 carlyandmartina.com carlyandmartina@gmail.com

Verse 1

Somethin’ about you, it pulls me in
I’m thinkin’ to myself, did I just win?
Thought I’d been in love before
But not like this
And I wanna let you in,
Think I’m gonna let you in
Somethin’ about you, it puts me off
And I’m thinkin’ to myself, have I just lost?
Thought I’d win the game of love at any cost
But you’re not the guy I thought
no, you’re not the guy I thought


Your love is a game, I don’t wanna play
Our cards were showing hearts
But then you threw them all away
Showed it on my face
Thought you were my ace
You’ve made it an art of tearing me apart
'Cause you’re the king of hearts
You’re the king of hearts

V­erse 2

And I wanna say that I would bet on you
But I don’t believe that you’d ever come through
Am I crazy, or just crazy about you?
And I’m dying for the truth
Are you hurting too?



Don’t hate the player, hate the game
Love me or leave, hurts the same x2