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  1. Bluebird

From the album Carly and Martina

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Music and lyrics by: Carly and Martina carlyandmartina.com carlyandmartina@gmail.com

Verse ­1

It’s so easy to get washed away by the rain
When it’s pouring down, and all you see is grey
It’s so easy to get blown AWAY by the wind
Around and around, till you let yourself cave in
But I know you won't


So come little bluebird, fly up in the sky
over the people who have closed minds
Come on little bluebird, let’s rise above
Those with no hearts who don’t know love
You were made to be someone

V­erse 2

Take a piece of your broken heart and carry it in your wings
Try not to get upset over little things
Take a piece of your broken heart and let it remind you
You’re stronger than you know,
let your faith guide you



When life gets hard and colors turn to dark,
Don’t fade away
Make sure to let yourself be seen
'Cause you have things to say
Don’t ever learn to turn your head,
And look the other way
Oh you’ll be remembered someday