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  1. Something More

From the album Carly and Martina

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Something More
Music and lyrics by: Carly and Martina carlyandmartina.com carlyandmartina@gmail.com

V­erse 1

Loving you is like a toss of a coin,
you never know what you’re getting
You say you need me but I’m not believing it
'Cause you keep forgetting
When you’re with me no one else exists
You’ve got something I can’t resist
But when you’re gone, you go on,
And I’m not even missed


Oh when you make the call, it makes my day
With just one look you take my breath away
But you’re just a guy, I’m not gonna wait
Give me a reason to stay


'Cause I need to know
Is there something more?
I need to know
Are you someone worth fighting for?
Maybe there’s something, maybe there’s not
Maybe there’s something to falling apart
'Cause I need to know, before I move forth
Is there something more?

Verse ­2

I can see it in a daydream
You and me walking with our hearts on our sleeves
No more confusion, no more fuss
Nothing else matters, just the two of us



And you say that you need me,
Well you know I need you too
But it seems so confusing
'Cause then you act like we’re through