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  1. Locket

From the album Carly and Martina

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Music and Lyrics By: Carly & Martina / K808 carlyandmartina.com carlyandmartina@gmail.com

Verse ­1

I’ve been daydreaming again
You and me are more than friends
You hold me in your arms
I’m your good luck charm
Yeah, I’ve been daydreaming again
I don’t want this dream to end
But you’ll never know
'cuz I won’t let it show


Mmm boy, you make me wanna go the distance, distance
Mmm boy, I wanna love you till we’re vintage, vintage


So many things I wanna say
I’m gonna lock it, lock it away
Just wanna make it all ok
I’m gonna lock it, lock it away
In my locket, locket
You’re in my locket, locket x2

V­erse 2

You don’t know what you do to me
Wanna be the one that sets you free
You light up the room easily
You’re everything I wanna be



I don’t want to have missed this with you
I’m worried you won’t make the first move
I’ve been wearing this secret,
wishing you knew,
everything I feel about you