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  1. Will You Be Mine
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Will You Be Mine?

Music and Lyrics By: Carly and Martina
©️CM Entertainment LLC

Verse 1

Midday walking down the hall, lights are shining
All that’s on my mind is you,
And our stars aligning
Sitting down in class, you look at me, start smiling
But I wish you’d see my number, start dialing


Look into my eyes, can you,
Can you read my mind
My heart’s racing…do you like me?


Cause I like you, I dream of you,
Every time I close my eyes
Wishing one day you’ll say,
“Will you be mine? Mine?”
I’m sending you, sending you,
Sending you my signs
Cause I like you, please say, “Will you be mine?”

Verse 2

I’m with my friends when you walk by
Why won’t you talk to me, just say hi
But then I see you acting so shy
Smile to myself now I know why




Every day I wish, I could say,
I could say I like you
Just stop hiding away,
Show me you want this too


Copyright 2015